How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) for Beginners (Coinbase to BTC)4 min read

1. Click Sign Up on Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Bitcoin. Sign up for Coinbase here.

2. Enter your information and click create account

sign up for coinbase

3. You will need to verify your email by clicking on a link in an email you receive from Coinbase

verify your email 1

verify email 2

4. You will then be taken Verify your Phone Number

After clicking on the link to verify your email you will be taken to a screen to enter your phone number.

coinbase email verified

Once you enter your phone number they will send you a verification code to your phone number which you must enter to finally gain access.

verify coinbase phone number

Once you enter the verification code you will eventually gain access.

coinbase ethereum

5. Now Add a Payment Method

add payment method coinbase

You will have the option of adding a Bank Account (recommended), Credit Card, or Wire Transfer. For the purposes of this I will show you how to add a Bank Account.

payment type 2 coinbase

select bank account

You will be prompted to select your bank and fill in your bank’s login credentials.

select bank

Once you have linked your bank you will be taken back to the main dashboard.

6. Now Time Buy Bitcoin!

You can either deposit money directly into Coinbase or buy Bitcoin directly. Depositing money will take up to 4–5 business days. If you decide to deposit money, keep in mind that you will not be able to buy at current prices until your money is in Coinbase.

If you decide to buy Bitcoin directly you will be locked in at the current price. This is good if you feel like the prices are good and you want to buy immediately. If you buy directly, your Bitcoin will still take 4 – 5 days until it appears in your account.

Buy Ethereum

7. Click on Bitcoin

click on bitcoin

8. Select your Payment Method, Enter Amount, and Click Buy Bitcoin

You can enter a dollar amount or how many BTC you would like. After you enter in an amount, say $100, you will see all the transaction details like fees, price of BTC you are buying at and how much BTC you expect to get.

select payment method

9. You will receive a confirmation in the Dashboard and via email

bitcoin coinbase

bitcoin confirmed

10. That’s it! You will now have Bitcoin!

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