How to buy Bitcoin Cash (Kraken to BCH)4 min read

1. Signing up on

In the url section of your browser type and open the page. Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges out the in the crypto world. To start the process of trading we need to create an account first. To do that, on the mane page enter your desired email, username and password in the provided form and click “Sign up”.

2. Account activation

Now when you get to this page what you need to do next is go to your email and check for email from Kraken.

2.1 Open the email and copy the activation key that you have just received.

2.2 Paste the key in the first field.

2.3 Now enter your username and password that you used in the previous step in the second and third fields and click “Activate account”.

After clicking “Activate account” you will be redirected to the trading terminal.

3. Account verification

Click on the “Get Verified” menu.

3.1 This is the verification page as you can see you are automatically verified in “Tier 0” but we need to verify our profile to at least to “Tier 1” in order to be able to deposit cryptocoins in order to exchange them.

3.2 To start filling the submission form for our account for “Tier 1” verification, scroll down to the bottom of the page from the previous screenshot/step and you will find this submission form.

3.3 Fill in your personal information and push the “Get Verified” button.

After pushing the “Get verified” button you will get notified about your submission. Click “No thanks” to continue.

It may take 2-4 weeks for your account to get your verified and then we can freely start trading.

4. Depositing your crypto coins

After your account gets verified it’s time to deposit some coins.

4.1 To deposit the coins (in this tutorial we will use Bitcoins) from the menu we choose “Funding”.

4.2 On the deposit page click on the Bitcoin tab from the list.

Bitcoin tab

4.3 Click the “Generate new address” on the green button in order to create a Bitcoin deposit address for us to send our Bitcoin to Kraken.

Generate new address

4.4 Copy the generated address and send your Bitcoins to this address from your Bitcoin wallet. IMPORTANT YOU ONLY SEND TO THIS ADDRESS

Copy generated address

4.5 Click on “Trade” menu to go back to the main trading terminal to see your current balances

current balances

5. Once you have Bitcoin, you can use it to Buy Bitcoin Cash

Click on “Trade” from the top menu


5.1 From there choose “New Order”

5.2 And then choose “Simple” to set up a simple order.

5.3 Change the currency to Bitcoin

currency to bitcoin

5.4 Here you write the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell.

amount of bitcoin

5.5 Click on market


5.6 Click on “Buy BCH with XBT” button

Buy BCH with XBT

5.7 Finally click “Submit Order”

Submit order

5.8 This is the notification you get for the successfully executed order

successfully created

5.8 Click on “Trade” menu to go back to the main trading terminal to see your current balances.

current balances

And there you go you now have Bitcoin Cash!!

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